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Birch satay sticks 20 cm 3 mm

Birch satay sticks 20 cm 3 mm

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Birch satay skewers 20 cm and 3 mm: user-friendly and inexpensive

Birch skewers 20 cm and 3 mm are used to thread on the most delicious homemade skewers. Satay skewers come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Birch, however, is a very pleasant type of wood, which is why it is often used to make skewers. You can order birch satay skewers of 20 cm and 3 mm online from us in various packaging sizes. For example, you can choose for 1000 pieces, but it is also possible to order a package of 20,000 skewers. This way you can keep it up for a while.

The properties of birch wood

Birch satay skewers of 20 cm and 3 mm are not made from this type of wood without reason. The light coloured wood is used for many different applications, both small and large. Also for household items, such as these birch satay skewers of 20 cm and 3 mm. The wood has fine grain, which also makes it less easy to split. A big advantage when you work with skewers in the kitchen. Of course you want to avoid splinters in the satay as much as possible. Incidentally, these skewers are also easy to process by machine, in contrast to the bamboo varieties.

Soaking the birch satay skewers 20 cm and 3 mm

If you use birch satay skewers 20 cm and 3 mm, you will immediately notice what a fine type of wood birch is. However, you should take one point into account, namely the fact that birch belongs to the so-called light or soft wood species. This means that, in principle, these sticks could burn quite quickly. To prevent this, you should always soak the birch satay skewers before preparing the meat. Soak them well for at least a few hours before use. They are less likely to burn and barely splinter if the wood has absorbed the water well.This way you can start your barbecue carefree.

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