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What is the difference between "regular" and smoked paprika powder?

2021-05-09 13:37:23

In our webshop you will find two types of paprika powder: "regular" paprika and smoked paprika powder. But how is this beautiful tastemaker actually made and what are the differences between them? In this blog you can read more about these delicious spices (literally! ;-)) and in which dishes you can use them.

Paprika powder: how is it made?

To start with... paprika powder is made from ground dried paprika. Yet these are not the peppers as we know them, but a special type of pepper; elongated, resembling pointed peppers. After drying, the stems and seeds are removed and the pulp is ground into paprika powder. Smoked paprika powder is made from special peppery paprika that are first smoked for days (yes, it's in the name). This is done over an oak fire. Once they have reached the correct dryness, the stems and seeds are again removed and the pulp is ground into smoked paprika powder.

Differences in taste and color

Regular and smoked paprika powder differ in taste and color. For example, smoked paprika has a more intense and smoky taste, while the regular paprika has a more mild, neutral taste. If you want a little spice in your dishes, it is best to use smoked paprika powder. If you want a mild spice taste, it is better to go for regular paprika powder. There are also differences in color. Regular paprika is a bit darker, smoked paprika is more bright red. So do you want to give your dish a nice color? Then go for smoked paprika powder.

In which dishes can you use paprika powder?

Both regular and smoked paprika can be used in many different dishes, which is why these are a real favorite! When we think of smoked paprika, we immediately think of a delicious paella. Smoked paprika powder is also very tasty in a soup or sauce; it just gives a lovely spice twist and beautiful color. The regular paprika powder is perfect for your baked potatoes or omelette. And how about making your own spice mix? Both types are perfect for that!

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