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Bourbon marinade sauce

Bourbon marinade sauce

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Bourbon marinade sauce: sweet, tough and smoky success number

Bourbon marinade sauce will undoubtedly impress all guests who appear on your barbecue. The classic American marinade with Bourbon whiskey is in fact quite different from all the other marinades that you were used to using until now. A bite of a piece of roasted meat soaked in this sweet, smoky marinade always tastes like more. Making this sauce yourself is quite difficult because the correct proportions of the ingredients are critical. For example, adding too much whiskey impairs the final taste. Natural Spices offers you the solution. You can easily order the Bourbon marinade sauce online with us. This way you are assured of a successful barbecue.

The origin of Bourbon marinade sauce

The taste-determining factor in this Bourbon marinade sauce is of course the whiskey from the southern states. Or more specifically, from Kentucky. In the 18th century this state was flooded by Scottish and Irish immigrants, who brought with them knowledge of whiskey. There was an overabundance of maize corn in the US. Whiskey can be made from different types of kernels and so the immigrants used maize corn kernels. Unlike European whiskey, which uses barley. Bourbon whiskey proved to be a success and it was not long before other products based on this type of whiskey were also developed. This is how the Bourbon marinade sauce came into being.

How to use Bourbon marinade sauce?

Bourbon marinade sauce is perfect for the barbecue. Especially in combination with beef (rib eye) and pork (spare ribs) the marinade is unbeaten. But you can also use it to wok meat. There are no guidelines for the quantity to be used. You let yourself be guided by taste. You can also use Bourbon marinade sauce as dressing for a salad or shrimp cocktail, for example. Additionally, it can be used as a sauce with an end product such as potatoes or chips. So you can present the marinade sauce at a barbecue or with a fondue or gourmet, but also on a normal weekday with potatoes, vegetables and meat meal.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy682,04 kJ
Energy162,87 kcal
Fat0,5 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,2 gram
Carbohydrates38,6 gram
of which sugars34,5 gram
Protein0,6 gram
Fibre0,6 gram
Salt3,3 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientswater, sugar, peach, modified corn starch, salt, flavor (SOY), lemon juice, whiskey, garlic, vegetable oil (rapeseed), thickeners (E412, E415), food acids (E260, E330), chili, onion, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (SOY), sunflower oil, preservative: E202, ginger, vinegar, spice extracts, dried glucose syrup, burnt sugar syrup, barley malt (GLUTEN), culturured sugar, MUSTARD (water, MUSTARD, vinegar, spices), natural flavor, coriander, cloves
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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