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Bratwurst Recipe

Bratwurst Recipe

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Bratwurst Recipe


Meat grinder, sausage stopper, 1 kilo of pork/beef/lamb/chicken, 25 grams of bratwurst mix, pig casing 30/32 or pig casing 32/35 or sheep strings 22/24, optional: ground / whole fennel, parsley, cloves (about 2 grams per kilo)

Preparation method:

1. Choose the type of meat.

You can use different types of meat to make bratwurst. Pay attention to the fat percentage of the type of meat. For example, you choose pork for a ratio of 75% lean and 25% fat. With beef, on the other hand, 80% lean and 20% fat. Before you start, it is important that the meat is well cooled.

2. Grind the meat into a minced meat emulsion.

Put the meat through the meat grinder. Depending on your preference for the structure, repeat this process one more time. If you repeat the process one more time, the structure will become a bit finer. The grinding makes the meat slightly warmer, so make sure to put the meat in the fridge for a while before moving on to the next step. No meat grinder? No problem, get minced meat from the butcher.

3. Add the bratwurst mix and your favorite seasoning (s) of your choice.

4. Soak the casings. 

Unpack the casings and soak the casings in cold water (ideally 24 hours in advance) to ensure that all salt is flushed out of the casings.

5. Fill the sausages.

Moisten the pipe of the sausage stoppera little bit before you start. Slide the casing over the pipe. Depending on which type of sausage stopper you have, you push the meat through the filling pipe of the sausage stopper. Push the meat through the filling pipe with the sausage stopper and fill the sausage. After about 15 centimeters, you press on the casing with your thumb, which gives you a new sausage. After you have about eight sausages, start cranking them. This means that you turn the sausages several times. It is important that you alternate with the direction of rotation; one time towards you, the other time away from you. Cut the sausages from each other. Keep them refrigerated until you are ready to bake them.

6. Fry the sausages.

Fry the sausages in a frying pan with butter / oil until done.

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