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Breadcrumbs biscuit fine

Breadcrumbs biscuit fine

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Breadcrumbs biscuit for baking, frying and in the oven

Breadcrumbs biscuit fine provides extra sturdiness during the baking or frying of certain dishes and snacks. It gives food a subtle, brown crust. It consists of nothing more than finely crumbled rusks. In addition to baking and deep-frying, breadcrumbs biscuit fine can also be used for oven dishes. If you sprinkle your oven dish lightly and add a few lumps of butter, you will create a nice layer of gratin. As breadcrumbs are a wheat product, they are not suitable for people who adhere to a gluten-free diet. You can order breadcrumbs biscuit fine online at Natural Spices in a package of 5 kilos.

The difference between breadcrumbs fine and panko

Breadcrumbs fine and panko are often confused. Panko is a type of breadcrumb that is used in Japanese cuisine and has also become well-known in the rest of the world for some time now. However, panko is made from baked or steamed bread. Compared to most types of breadcrumbs it gives a more airy structure. Moreover, it has a somewhat sweeter taste. Panko is slightly coarser and looks a bit like flakes.

Use breadcrumbs fine and coarse together

There are kitchen princes and princesses who love using breadcrumbs fine in combination with the coarse variant. With fine breadcrumbs you make sure that the product you bake or fry remains well enclosed. It provides a slightly crispy layer. If you want an extra crispy bite in addition to this, you can also use crumbly breadcrumbs, which you can also order online at Natural Spices. How do you proceed? You first pass the product through the fine breadcrumbs, then through beaten egg and then through coarse breadcrumbs. The result is a perfect covering and an ultimate crispy mouthfeel. The firm and crispy crust forms a tasty whole with the much softer inside.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1612,23 kJ
Energy385 kcal
Fat4,7 gram
of which saturated fatty acids1,7 gram
Carbohydrates73 gram
of which sugars6 gram
Protein11 gram
Fibre3 gram
Salt0,8 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientsbreadcrumbs (TARWE, GLUTEN)
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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