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Cajun seasoning

Cajun seasoning

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A spicy American touch is added with cajun seasoning

With cajun seasoning you add quite a bit of spiciness to your food. You use the spice mix mainly with meat dishes, but it also tastes delicious with fish, chicken, poultry and vegetables. Besides that you could use it to add a spicy twist to sauces or soups. In short, you can do anything with it. The origins of cajun seasoning lie in America, to be precise in the southern states. You can order the mix online from us in a package of 650 grams, 2 kilos or 20 kilos.

The origin of cajun seasoning

Cajun seasoning owes its now world-famous name to the American people who lived in the state of Louisiana. They were originally French-speaking and came from Canada, where they were expelled by the Americans. They were called 'Arcadians' after their original hometown. Later this nickname changed to cajun. Cajun stands for the spicy food for which this population was so well known. The well-known chicken Jambalaya also originates from this region. It was inevitable that the cajun seasoning also won hearts in other continents.

In cajun seasoning you taste an abundance of flavours

Cajun seasoning does not only give extra spice to your dishes. The spice mix creates deep flavours and balanced, tasty food. Although the spicy, aromatic blend of herbs and spices has a strong flavour, it goes very well with meat or vegetables that are the main ingredient of your dish. Good seasoning such as the cajun seasoning that you can buy online from us here also promotes the tenderness of the meat you prepare. For each kilo of product you add 25 grams of the seasoning mix. In addition to chilli, you can also taste peppers, garlic, turmeric, oregano, onion, thyme, basil, ginger, coriander, allspice, mace, nutmeg and cloves in the mix. An abundance of flavours!

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy777,8 kJ
Energy185,74 kcal
Fat3,5 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,5 gram
Carbohydrates39,3 gram
of which sugars17,6 gram
Protein5,1 gram
Fibre9,9 gram
Salt32,5 gram
  • Usage25 gr/kg
  • Ingredientssalt, sugar, paprika, flavor enhancer: E621, pepper, dextrose, chili, garlic, turmeric, oregano, flavor (SOY), wheat starch (GLUTEN), onion, thyme, basil, food acid: E330, ginger, dietary fiber, coriander, allspice, mace, vegetable oil (rapeseed), nutmeg, cloves
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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