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Chicken binding elastic 11cm

Chicken binding elastic 11cm

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Binding elastic 11 cm for tying up chicken and other foods

Binding elastic 11 cm for tying up or keeping foods together. In most cases it concerns chicken. That is why these elastic bands are popularly known as 'chicken pullers'. You may know it from experience. If you don't tie the chicken before grilling or putting it on the barbecue, the result can be disappointing. The chicken will slowly fall apart due to the cooking process, resulting in a lot of mess on the barbecue or grill and a much less attractive appearance of the piece of meat. This is a pity then. Binding elastic 11 cm offers you the solution.

Order 11 cm binding elastic online

Order 11 cm binding elastic online at Natural Spices. You can buy the elastic bands in a package of 2500 chunks. If you order before 13.00 on working days, you can expect your order at home the next day.

What is binding elastic 11 cm?

Binding elastic 11 cm is not just any elastic, but a specific type that you only use for food. It is a latex cord wound with cotton. It is heat-resistant and has been proven safe to use for this purpose. Apart from chicken, you can of course use it for other foods as well. Think, for example, of a rolled roast or fish. In addition to that, you can also use 11 cm binding elastic for a completely different purpose, namely to keep plants and other crops together. In this way, the it is also useful for growing your own fruit and vegetables.

How to use 11 cm binding elastic

The use of 11 cm binding elastic is easy, provided that you know how to proceed. That is why we are happy to give you a few tips. We use a whole chicken as an example. You place the chicken in such a way that its wings are on your side and its legs are away from you. Then you slide the elastic band 11 cm over one end of the chicken and place it in the middle, between the wings and the legs. Then slide it against the underside of the wings. Then pull the elastic towards you, over the top of the chicken towards the legs. This will tighten the binding elastic under the wings and keep the wings in place.

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