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Cocktail sticks

Cocktail sticks

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Cocktail sticks, indispensable at parties and events

Cocktail sticks are indispensable at parties and events. Are you celebrating your birthday, an anniversary, or any other festive occasion? Hang up the garlands, open a bottle of wine and eat some of the tastiest snacks on these small wooden sticks. They are also very useful for catering, buffets and other events. Or, of course, for those Saturday evening banquets. At Natural Spices you can order them online per box of 1000 pieces.

The creation of cocktail sticks

Cocktail sticks were not immediately used for presenting snacks after their invention. Initially the sticks were intended to attach a fruit, which was then inserted into a cocktail glass. This is how the product got its name. Only later were they also used for appetizers such as cubes of cheese, slices of sausage or olives. We sometimes call them 'snack sticks', because we now often use them to eat snacks.

The wide applicability of cocktail sticks

Cocktail sticks are a godsend on many different occasions. By using cocktail sticks you have a simple and quick way to present snacks or bites. Because cocktail sticks in many cases ensure that you do not need any cutlery or plates, you still have fun after the party as well. Buying the cocktail sticks online is therefore time saving as well. On the internet you will find countless recipes for snacks that you can thread onto a stick. Be inspired and surprise your guests next time with the most surprising creations!

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