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Cooking net fine

Cooking net fine

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Cooking nets fine for extra ease of use when cooking rice

Cooking nets fine are a handy tool in the kitchen of any hobby or professional chef who often works with (large quantities of) rice. In addition to rice, these fine-mesh cooking nets can also be used for noodles, pasta and similar foods. The use of cooking nets fine means less hassle in your kitchen and cooking like a professional. You can order the nets individually online. They have a (flat measured) diameter of 27 centimetres.

Cooking nets fine: after using them once, you don't want to do without them anymore

Buying cooking nets fine online makes it a lot easier for yourself in your own kitchen. From your own experience you undoubtedly know how sticky boiled rice can be and how difficult it is to remove from the rice cooker or pan. Cooking nets will solve that problem for you. You put the rice in the net and then let it boil. The use of a rice cooking net therefore has no influence on the cooking process. After cooking, simply lift the rice out of the water with the net. The rice cooker or pan is then easy to clean. You also throw away less sticky rice and thus reduce the waste.

Cooking nets fine: not only convenient but also affordable

But cooking nets fine offer even more advantages than the above. With the use of a cooking net you can also cook several ingredients with different cooking times in one pan. The net distinguishes the products conveniently from each other. This also means savings on energy consumption and dishwashing. You only use one pan and one cooking utensil. There are also cooking nets for vegetables and eggs, for example. These are made of polyester and can therefore be placed finely in the same pan together with cooking nets.

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