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Cotton cord green/white 32 threads

Cotton cord green/white 32 threads

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Cotton cord green/white 32 threads for the traditional binding of a rolled roast

With cotton cord green/white 32 threads you deliver a rolled roast with the most traditional look possible. Cotton cord is known by various other names, such as cooking cord, butcher's string, roasting cord and twine. Whatever you want to call the cord, you can be sure that it will support any professional or hobby chef who wants to prepare and present his or her rolled roast in an authentic way. You can order cotton cord green/white 32 threads from us online per spool of 500 grams. The use of the green-white colour is a refreshing variation on the traditional red-white rope. It stands out just as well and is easy to find and remove after roasting.

What is cotton cord green/white 32 threads?

With buying cotton cord green/white 32 threads online you get a completely natural product. The cord consists only of cotton. Cotton is very strong and has no elasticity. Therefore this material is very suitable to use as rolled roast cord. It withstands a lot of resistance and keeps the meat well together without damaging it. Cotton cord green/white 32 threads consists, just like the cotton cord blue/white 32 threads that you can also order from us, of 32 threads. The more threads, the thicker the final cord. This cotton cord is about 2.4 millimetres thick and is one of the strongest rolled roast cords you can find with us. The spool has a weight of half a kilo. This comes down to about 320 metres of rope.

The advantages of cotton cord green/white 32 threads

Cotton cord green/white 32 threads is more than just a cord that keeps the meat in place. The strong material withstands the high temperatures in the oven. Despite the heat, the cord does not affect the meat in any way. Cotton cord green/white 32 thread is both tasteless and odourless. So in the end you really only taste the meat. By using this rope, not a single aspect of the flavour is lost. As soon as the rolled roast comes out of the oven, everyone will be feasting.

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