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Cotton cord white 32 threads

Cotton cord white 32 threads

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Cotton cord white 32 threads: strong natural product for binding rolled roasts

At Natural Spices you are at the right place for ordering various types of cotton cord online. We also sell cotton cord white 32 threads. This neutral cord, in the colour off-white, is specially made for binding rolled roasts. The cord consists of 32 different threads, which ensure that the cotton cord has a thickness of 2.4 millimetres. This may sound narrow, but the cotton from which this cord is made is incredibly strong and for that reason a widely used product in the kitchens of both professional and amateur chefs. You can order it per 1 or 6 spools. A spool weighs about 500 grams and contains about 385 meters.

Cotton cord white 32 threads: for more than just rolled roasts

Naturally you use cotton cord white 32 threads in the first place for binding rolled roasts. In this way you keep the meat together and also make sure that the juices and aromas are preserved as much as possible. In addition to rolled roasts, you can bind more food with the cord. For example vegetables. Handy if you want to make a packet of vegetables from the oven, to name but one dish. Or use cotton cord white 32 threads to bind various herbs together to make a soup or broth. We also call this bouquet garni.

Why is cotton cord white 32 threads so ideal

Cotton cord white 32 threads is one of the best types among the cords for rolled roasts. Cotton is a very strong product, which is important when tying various types of meat firmly together. Moreover, it is odourless and tasteless and therefore has no influence on your rolled roasts. The only thing you will taste in a moment is the piece of meat you have prepared in an authentic way. Cotton cord white 32 threads does not release any fibres, which makes it not only strong but also 100% food safe.

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For industrial companies / wholesalers we have a special priced section, minimum order amount EUR 1.000.

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