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Cotton cord white 40 threads

Cotton cord white 40 threads

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Cotton cord white 40 threads: a stronger rolled roast cord does not exist

Cotton cord white 40 threads is one of the thickest rolled roast cords we have in our range. The cord is off-white in colour and, despite its neutral, subtle appearance, is still very recognisable in the flesh. This butcher's string is therefore suitable for tying large rolls and can easily be removed after cooking. Cotton is a strong product and for that reason widely used by amateur and chefs. You can order cotton cord white 40 threads online per 1 or 6 spools. One spool weighs 500 grams and consists of about 300 metres.

Cotton cord white 40 threads consists entirely of cotton and is a therefore a natural product. So there are two advantages to using this cord. Apart from the fact that the cord is strong and user-friendly, it does not burden the environment when you buy online. Double the profit. Cotton cord white 40 threads consists of 40 threads which together provide a thickness of approximately 2 millimetres. One spool has a weight of half a kilo and contains about 300 metres of rolled roast cord.

Cotton cord white 40 threads is also suitable for other products

Most people use cotton cord white 40 threads for tying up rolled roasts. For this reason the cord is also called rolled roast cord, but is also knows as cooking cord or butcher's string. Roasting cord and binding cord are names that are also sometimes used. In addition to rolled roasts, cotton cord white 40 wire is also suitable for binding other foodstuffs. Think for example of a packet of vegetables in the oven. You can also use it to tie various herbs together to make a soup or a broth. Finally, we see that the twine is also often used for decorative purposes. Something that confirms its strength and quality once again.

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