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Croquette seasoning with salt

Croquette seasoning with salt

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Croquette seasoning mix with salt for the most delicious meat snack

Thanks to the use of croquette seasoning mix, your homemade croquettes will be on the table in no time. Anyone who makes their own croquettes knows what a time-consuming job it is. However, with this seasoning mix you save yourself a lot of time and you can easily season your favourite meat snack. The originally French delicacy is now known as a traditional Dutch snack that we can no longer imagine doing without. Instead of buying them ready to eat, you can now easily make them yourself with this croquette seasoning mix with salt. This mix you can order online. You can buy the seasoning mix in a 6 kilo package.

Suitable for all types of croquettes and bitterballs

Croquettes nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. There are potato, cheese, shrimp, satay and vegetable croquettes. When we talk about croquettes in the Netherlands, we usually mean the well-known beef or veal croquette. The croquette seasoning mix with salt that you can order online from us can be used to flavour all varieties. In addition to croquettes, you can also use a croquette seasoning mix with salt to make bitterballs.

What is in the croquette seasoning mix with salt?

Croquette seasoning mix with salt has been put together with the greatest care. The combination of herbs and spices ensures a warm and aromatic flavour profile. Exactly what you expect from a croquette! This mix contains salt, pepper, coriander, curry and onion. The salt and pepper ensure that you don't have to season the meat as well. The spice mix is really complete. You only use 22 grams of the spice mix per kilo of meat. By using the mix you will make croquette with an optimal flavour and nice firm bite.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy395,52 kJ
Energy94,45 kcal
Fat2,4 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,1 gram
Carbohydrates18,5 gram
of which sugars0,3 gram
Protein5 gram
Fibre8,4 gram
Salt56,8 gram
  • Usage22 g / pkg
  • Ingredientssalt, pepper, coriander, curry (MUSTARD), flavor (SOY), onion, flavor enhancer: E621
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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