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Paying via iDEAL is a trusted, safe and easy way to pay for your online purchases. iDEAL is the system that links you directly to your own internet banking screen during your online purchase.  It provides for a fast and easy payment within the familiar internet payment environment of your own bank. Paying the way you are used to. No need to register, download files or create an account. Your payments are immediately visible in your electronic bank account statement.
It also means that your name and account number will only be known by the online shop once you have approved the payment.


Advance payment

An advance payment means that you, after entering your order, pay the order amount into the Natural Spices account. You could do this by using the internet banking function of your bank.

  • Paying in advance is safe and incurs no extra cost.
  • Expect a transfer time of one to three working days.
  • When transferring the amount, state the order number of your order confirmation
  • Once we have received your payment, we will immediately send you a confirmation of receipt email, after which we, as a rule, ship the order on the same day.


When you have transferred the money and then decide to cancel, please contact Customer Service. After you have given us your account number, we will quickly refund your payment.

Account information

Always state your order number when transferring money. Our account information:
Natural Spices BV

International Bank Information:
IBAN: NL27INGB0006653443

PLEASE NOTE: Keep in mind that orders paid via this payment method have a processing time of 2 to 3 working days.

Credit cards

You can pay with your Dutch MasterCard, your VISA or American Express card on the Natural Spices website. This takes place via an SSL secure server that encrypts your credit card information.

You can pay directly and safely with your credit card. MasterCard, Visa and Maestro are the most commonly used credit cards in the Netherlands and Belgium for online payments. You can also pay safely on the internet  thanks to the associated internet and delivery warranty. The amount will be incorporated in your next payment overview. This warranty will protect you against fraud and misuse on the internet.



PayPal is a simple and quick way to pay online, no matter where you are. Shopping online with PayPal will always give you a good feeling. All payments are processed quickly and you will receive an email to inform you of each payment. Paying online with PayPal is safe and protected. All you need is your private email address and a bank account and/or credit card number. If you have a PayPal account , you can pay for your order via PayPal.

With more than 45 million users worldwide, PayPal is the global market leader in the field of online payments. PayPal was designed to be one of the safest methods for online payments. Payments are sent via PayPal without any financial information being shared. In addition, PayPal will never forward your financial information to third parties nor sell it.

Mister Cash/Bancontact

Mister Cash/Bancontact is the online payment system that was developed by the joint banks in Belgium and can be compared to the iDEAL payment system in the Netherlands. The participating banks are Dexia, BNP Paribas, ING, FINTRO, KBC, CBC, AXA bank, VDK Spaarbank and Record Bank. Using the system is easy, quick, very reliable and safe.

All Belgian clients of the participating banks using internet banking, can use Mister Cash/Bancontact. With Mister Cash/Bancontact you can immediately pay for your purchases in a familiar banking environment. There is no need to take out a special subscription nor does it involve any additional costs. Any payments will be processed within seconds and become immediately visible in your online bank statement.

KBC and CBC Online

KBC and CBC Online can only be used by Belgian customers who have access to it. With KBC or CBC Online you can pay your order fast,  easily and safely online.



Giropay is only available to German customers who have access to Giropay. Giropay is the German version of the Dutch iDEAL and is a commonly used online payment method in Germany. Giropay uses the safety standards of the participating banks. It does not require any separate software and there is no need to register to be able to use this payment method. You can use this method if you have a bank account suitable for internet banking and if your bank participates in Giropay.

ING Home'Pay (Belgium)

ING Home'Pay is a payment method that can be used by Belgian customers for the payment of online purchases via the secured connection of the ING Bank. You can use this payment method if you have an ING Home’Bank subscription and an ING current account with the ING Bank in Belgium.

On account (for companies)

Business customers can order on account at Natural Spices. This is subject to the following rules:

  • You are already a customer of Natural Spices;
  • You have placed a minimum of 2 orders with us for a total amount of €250 or more;
  • You can produce a validated copy of your CoC business registration, not older than 6 months;

In addition, we would like to receive, per order, a signed purchase order on an official letterhead. Clearly state the following:

  • The products or the quote number;
  • The invoice and delivery address.

If you wish to buy on account, first contact Customer Service at telephone number: +31 (0)297 - 254 109.