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Dutch mince stew sauce

Dutch mince stew sauce

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Dutch mince stew sauce for the most classic Dutch stew

Hachee is a classic meal that belongs to the 'grandmother's recipes' category. A real delicacy for lovers of Dutch cuisine. Although it is not difficult to prepare hachee sauce, it does require some patience. Can you make it faster? Then you can order this hachee sauce online from us. The Dutch mince stew sauce is based on a traditional recipe. You can buy it from us in a pack of three kilos.

The origin of hachee and hachee sauce?

Hachee sauce is actually a thick gravy flavoured with various ingredients. Clove and bay leaf are the two seasonings that are by far the most frequently used. You can therefore find them in the Natural Spices hachee sauce. The stew owes its name to the French word 'hacher', which means chop. Although we consider the dish to be typically Dutch, it actually originated in France. The remains of roast meat were then used with the vegetables that were available. It was only later that the recipe developed into its present form.

What does hachee sauce consist of?

The hachee sauce that you can order online from us is complete and immediately ready for use. It is based on water, tomato puree and vegetable oil. Onions and apples are also part of the ready-made sauce. In addition to cloves and bay leaf, garlic, peppers and cinnamon also determine the flavour profile of this sauce. For a certain weight of meat you use an equal weight of hachee sauce, so the ratio is 50/50.

What do you eat with hachee?

Have you prepared the stew in the ultimate hachee sauce? There are several choices for serving the dish. Most often hachee is eaten in combination with boiled potatoes, although rice is also increasingly popular. But fries can of course also be eaten plain. Red cabbage, apple and apple sauce are the best choices for side dishes.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy222,25 kJ
Energy53,07 kcal
Fat1,1 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,1 gram
Carbohydrates9,6 gram
of which sugars3,6 gram
Protein1,2 gram
Fibre0,6 gram
Salt1,4 gram
  • Usage50% + 50% cooked meat hachesaus
  • Ingredientswater, onion, apple, tomato paste, sugar, modified corn starch, vegetable oil (rapeseed), salt, flavor (SOY), aroma, burnt sugar syrup, glucose syrup, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (SOY), natural flavor, paprika, pepper, thickeners (E412, E415), preservative: E202, food acids (E300, E330), cloves, garlic, vinegar, laurel, cinnamon
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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