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Gelderland smoked sausage mix

Gelderland smoked sausage mix

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Gelderland smoked sausage mix for the most authentic Dutch smoked sausage

With the Gelderland smoked sausage mix that you can order online here, you will make the most traditional smoked sausage of the Netherlands, the Gelderland smoked sausage. The typical Dutch sausage originates from this region and owes its name to it. Although there are countless different types today, the Gelderland variant remains the most authentic. The sausage is usually made from pork, although you can also work with beef or veal. Gelderland smoked sausage mix can be bought at Natural Spices in a pack of 1.5 kilos, 6 kilos or 20 kilos. Pepper, ginger, mace and coriander determine the warm and slightly spicy flavour of the sausage.

The origin of the Gelderland smoked sausage

Smoking sausages started a long time ago in Gelderland. The aim was to be able to keep them longer. The pigs were slaughtered in the autumn and hardly a single piece of meat remained unused. Because freezing did not yet exist at that time, it was decided to dry sausages in order to preserve them longer. Although making smoked sausages in Gelderland used to be mainly a cheap way of eating meat, it never lost its popularity. With Gelderland smoked sausage mix you get that typical smoked, spicy flavour.

Gelderland smoked sausage mix and other essentials

With this Gelderland smoked sausage mix you give your homemade sausage its traditional flavour. Because the sausage has a slim model, you have to use a natural, small casing. This also completes the traditional taste. You also add coloured salt, or colorozo. This has a favourable influence on the taste and shelf life, but also ensures colour retention. Both natural casings and colorozo can be ordered online at Natural Spices, just like products for plugging and tying the sausage. To make a Gelderland smoked sausage you use 11 grams of Gelderland smoked sausage mix per kilogram of meat.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy836,61 kJ
Energy199,78 kcal
Fat5,1 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,2 gram
Carbohydrates38,3 gram
of which sugars1,7 gram
Protein5,4 gram
Fibre12,1 gram
Salt0,5 gram
  • Usage11 grams and 16 grams per kilogram colorozo.
  • Ingredientsstabilizers (E450, E451, E452), pepper, ginger, mace, coriander, dried glucose syrup, food acid: E300, natural flavor
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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