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Grill sausage seasoning bradino

Grill sausage seasoning bradino

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Grill sausage seasoning bradino for authentic bratwurst

With grill sausage seasoning bradino you get a herbal mix that you can use to make the tastiest bratwurst yourself. Bratwurst is sometimes dismissed as a simple sausage, but the truth is that with this seemingly simple meat product you can do much more than you would initially think. Thanks to the bradino mix that you can order online here, everyone answers 'yes' to the question whether they like sausages. You can buy the seasoning mix in a pack of 1.5 or 25 kilos.

What does grill sausage seasoning bradino consist of?

Bradino is a simple herbal mix according to an authentic recipe. The mix consists of pepper and some of the most characteristic herbs and spices we use in our kitchens. You can taste coriander as well as nutmeg, mace and ginger. Salt is not part of the spice mix. You can add salt yourself using colorozo, which is not only a seasoning agent but also a colour retainer.

Making bratwurst using grill sausage seasoning bradino

Making bratwurst is a relatively simple process. For every kilo of meat you use 5 grams of bradino. You choose which type of meat you want to use. Are you going for the traditional pork, or do you prefer veal or beef? Chicken casserole sausage is also becoming increasingly popular. You can mince the meat both coarsely and finely. Finally, you give the sausage a casing. These can be artificial or natural casings. Each type has its own advantages. Both types of casings can be bought online at Natural Spices.

Preparing bratwurst with grill sausage seasoning bradino

A bratwurst is suitable for cooking in a roasting pan or grill pan as well as on a barbecue. Do you grill the homemade, fresh sausage on a barbecue? Then you should first whiteh it half-cooked before placing it on the grill. Do you roast the sausage in a pan? Then pierce some holes in the ends to allow cooking moisture and air to escape. This way it will not splash. You first sear the sausage all around in the hot butter and then let it fry for another 15 minutes or so. Do yo prefer to work in a more accurate way? When the inside of the sausage has reached the temperature of 65 degrees, it is cooked.

Bradino as seasoning in recipes

With grill sausage seasoning bradino you make the tastiest authentic bratwurst, which is suitable for all seasons. It fits in well with winter meals on bleak days, but it certainly doesn't look out of place in the summer either. Bradino gives you the perfect taste to use your bratwurst as a sandwich filling. You can also use bratwurst in a pasta dish or turn it into a German curry sausage, which not only contains curry but also onions.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1391,43 kJ
Energy332,27 kcal
Fat11 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,2 gram
Carbohydrates61,9 gram
of which sugars0,3 gram
Protein10,1 gram
Fibre26,8 gram
Salt0 gram
  • Usage5 g / kg
  • Ingredientspepper, coriander, nutmeg, mace, ginger
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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