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Herb (garlic) butter spice mix

Herb (garlic) butter spice mix

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Herb butter spice mix, the classic on the dining table

You will receive loads of praise with this herb butter spice mix that you can order online from us. The finely chopped herbs perfectly match the creamy butter and ensure that they release their flavour optimally. Every bite will be irresistibly delicious. You can order herb butter spice mix online from us in a package of 400 grams.

How do you use herb butter spice mix?

You use herb butter spice mix to make the tastiest herb butter yourself, which you can use for various dishes. We all know that herb butter can not be missing from a steak or sirloin steak. The most delicious pieces of cow meat deserve to be accompanied by butter of the best taste and quality. It also goes well with lobster, mussels and escargots. Herb butter can also be served with potatoes or simply used as a spread on a baguette.

Preparation of herb butter

The herb butter spice mix that you can buy online from us include garlic, thyme, parsley, sage and rosemary. Salt is not lacking either, as is a hint of cheese. Please make sure that the butter you use is soft before you mix in the herb butter herbs. The butter should not melt. After preparation, you can keep the herb butter in the fridge. You could also roll it up in cling film, so that you can easily cut a slice from it. For each kilo of butter, add 30 to 40 grams of the spice mix.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1282,56 kJ
Energy306,28 kcal
Fat5,3 gram
of which saturated fatty acids1,1 gram
Carbohydrates54,9 gram
of which sugars25,2 gram
Protein13,1 gram
Fibre6,2 gram
Salt6,2 gram
  • Usage30 to 40 g / kg p butter
  • Ingredientsdextrose, flavor (GLUTEN), garlic, thyme, parsley, salt, marjoram, sage, rosemary, ginger, onion, spinach, turmeric, cheese powder (cheese: MILK, rennet, culture ferments, salt and emulsifying salts: E339), vegetable oil (rapeseed), anticaking agent: E551
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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