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Lavender flowers whole


Lavender flowers whole


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Lavender flowers whole as a kitchen herb

Lavender whole is undervalued in the Netherlands and a large part of the rest of Europe to this day. It is only in French cuisine that the fragrant purple herb regularly makes its appearance. Lavender is not only an ornamental plant. It is also cultivated for its lavender oil (used in cosmetics) and for its use in the kitchen. Once dried, the lavender flowers do not lose their scent. This dried variety has therefore not lost its strength. Lavender whole can be ordered online from us in a package of 100 grams.

The taste of whole lavender

Lavender whole is therefore perfectly edible and with its strong aroma is an interesting addition to your kitchen. Its flavour can best be described as fresh and slightly sweet, but the herb also has a slightly bitter note. If you compare lavender with other herbs, it will taste like rosemary most of the time. The herb is highly aromatic and for that reason you should also be careful when using it. You soon add too much of it. It is also best to use lavender in combination with other herbs.

How do you use lavender whole?

Lavender whole is regularly a part of Provencal herbs. Both the flowers and the leaves can be used. The leaves are mainly used in salads, stews and soups. The purple flowers that you can buy online from us are mainly used for sweet dishes. It is a delicious ingredient in cakes and pralines. You can also use lavender to make lavender tea. Thanks to the essential oils of the herb, this tea is a real tranquillizer.

Lavender is healthy

Lavender is a natural tranquillizer that supports a healthy night's sleep and can also be used in case of short-term stress. The essential oil of the herb's flowers also acts as an antiseptic, which means that the oil has an antibacterial effect. Apart from that you can use lavender against headaches, nausea and dizziness.
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • IngredientsLavender
  • Country of originFrance

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