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Dry marinades


Dry marinades are not only ideal for providing a piece of meat with a delicious taste, they also give it a nice crispy crust. Dry marinades are also called "dry rub" or "scrub" because you literally have to rub them into the product to be prepared. You can use them for both meat and fish, but also for meat substitutes such as tofu. Dry rubs originated in the southern United States, but have also spread to Europe in recent years. This marinating method is mainly used for grilling and barbecuing. The big advantage of dry marinades is that they can be spread very evenly over your food.


At Natural Spices you can buy various scrubs online. Buying dry marinades has never been easier. If you order these on working days before 1 p.m., they will be delivered the next day. Of course you can order the spice mixes in different pack sizes, depending on how often you use them in your kitchen.


As the name implies, working with dry marinades means working without oil or other wet ingredients. You rub the meat or fish several times with the powdered herbs. This way, the taste of it absorbs extra well. Dry marinades are ideal for meat that is not very tender. Consider, for example, a large chicken fillet. Dry marinades are also very suitable for meat that is quickly cooked at a high temperature, for example on a grill. They give off a nice, dark coloring. Ideally, you should already rub the spice mixture into the product a few hours before preparing. The advantage of using scrubs is that they do not change the structure and thus the original taste of the meat itself. So you can still clearly taste it.