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Meatloaf recipe

Meatloaf recipe

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Meatloaf recipe

Recipe for a traditional meatloaf. Prepare it in a cake pan or oven dish.

    1. 1 kilogram half beef, half pig minced meat (or your preferable minced meat)

    2. 80 grams meatloaf spice mix

    3. 70 grams water

    4. 16 grams kitchen salt


          1. Add the ingredients to the meat.

          2. Knead this well so that a uniform dough will form with sufficient binding.

          3. Fill the greased cake pan or oven dish with the dough so that no air is in product.

          4. The top of the dough should finished smoothly, you can do this by stroking it with water.

          5. Place the cake pan/oven dish in a preheated oven and roast the meat for about 1½ - 2 hours. The temperature of the oven during the first half hour should be approximately 140°C after this it should be approximately 100°C.

          6. After roasting leave the meat to cool in a place where the temperature is about 15°C. After this you can store the meat in the fridge.

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