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Mexica tortilla recipe

Mexica tortilla recipe

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Mexica tortilla recipe

Recipe for real spicy Mexican tortillas. Ingredients for 10 Mexican tortillas

    1. 650 grams lean minced beef

    2. 330 grams Tortilla sauce Mexican

    3. 35 grams Mexican Tortilla spicemix

    4. 100 grams grated cheese of your choice

    5. 100 grams fresh red and/or green peppers

    6. 35 grams Crispy finely chopped onions

    7. 10 tortillas of 25 cm diameter


      1. Cut the peppers into strips first and then I small pieces of about half a centimeter.

      2. Roast the minced meat and mix it with the sauce, seasoning, crispy fried onions and the bell pepper pieces.

      3. Place the unfold Tortillas on your worksheet and cover them with additional Mexican tortilla sauce

      4. Divide ± 125 grams tortilla filling in the center of the tortilla.

      5. Roll the filling on the tortilla (according envelope model)

      6. The upside of the tortilla should be covered with Mexican Tortilla sauce and sprinkled with the grated cheese, parsley or chives.

      7. Prepack them in stretch foil or bake them shortly in the oven at 180°C so the grated cheese will melt over the tortilla.

Combine it with tomato. lettuce and/or sour cream.Tip: for longer shelf life of the tortillas, you can freeze without the garnish.

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