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Minced chopped onions 2 mm

Minced chopped onions 2 mm

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The intense flavour of minced chopped onions 2 mm

Minced chopped onions can be used instead of fresh onions. It will save you a lot of tears that normally run down your cheeks when cutting onion. The flavour intensity is the same as that of fresh onions. Minced chopped onions are dried onion chips and crushed into small chunks. They have a delicious, intense flavour. At Natural Spices you can order these chips dried and processed into small chunks and packed in different pack sizes. For example, you can buy a bag of 400 grams. For large consumers there is a packaging of no less than 22 kilos. Minced chopped onions, if kept dark and at room temperature, have a long shelf life.

Minced chopped onions: tasty and healthy

Minced chopped onions are not only intense flavours, they are also very healthy. Just like the fresh onions, they fit in perfectly with a healthy lifestyle. For example, the onion is known to support a good moisture balance. The onion is also good for the heart and blood vessels and is effective in combating bacterial infections. The process of drying has little or no influence on the nutritional value and healthy properties of the onion. That is why you can rely on the many health benefits of minced chopped onions. Moreover, they contain half as many calories as fresh onions.

How do you use these dried onions?

Minced chopped onions can be used in all kinds of dishes. First and foremost, of course, you think of nasi and noodles. And although these dishes are an unbeatable team with dried onion, there are many more possibilities. Beef combined with dried onion also gives a delicious taste. If you simmer the dried onion with the meat for a while, the meat will get a full aroma and a mouth-watering taste. Soups and sauces become even tastier with the addition of minced chipped onions as well. And the dried onions also help to bind them. Of course, you can also soak the onion before using it in the kitchen.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy942,21 kJ
Energy225 kcal
Fat0,9 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,9 gram
Carbohydrates44,2 gram
of which sugars44,2 gram
Protein10,5 gram
Fibre22 gram
Salt0,1 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientsonion
  • Country of originEgypt

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