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Netting roll size 16 fine 50 metres

Netting roll size 16 fine 50 metres

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Netting roll 16 fine (50 metres) for a real rolled roast in a jiffy

Netting roll 16 fine (50 metres) allows you to work quickly and professionally. A rolled roast is a piece of meat that is often seen as a real treat. We especially find it on richly set tables at Christmas, Easter or other festive occasions. In addition to being seen as a 'luxury product', the preparation and binding of this meat is also a reason for many people not to eat it too often. Tying it up can be quite a job. Unless you use this netting roll 16 fine (50 metres), which you can order online at Natural Spices.

How do you work with netting roll 16 fine (50 metres)?

When you decide to use netting roll 16 fine (50 metres) to make your rolled roast, you will need another tool. This tool is called a rolled roast tube. It is nothing more than a polyester tube. You put the meat in. You slide the netting roll 16 fine (50 metres) over the tube. This way, making a rolled roast takes very little time and leaves you more time for the other activities in your kitchen. Preparing a feast will be a piece of cake for you.

The difference between working with a netting roll and a rolled roast kitchen twine

A netting roll and kitchen twine have the same function, i.e. binding and holding together the chunks of meat that form a rolled roast. However, there are some differences in their working method and effect. For example, working with nets, such as netting roll 16 fine (50 metres), is a very fast method compared to the traditional way of working with kitchen twine. A net is also very elastic. A traditionally knotted rolled roast is more compact and therefore takes less time to thread. This is a point to take into account when using netting role 16 fine (50 meters).

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