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Netting roll size 16 normal 50 metres

Netting roll size 16 normal 50 metres

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Speed and efficiency thanks to the netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres)

Tying up a rolled roast in the classic way, with red-white kitchen twine gives a beautiful end result. An end result that, however, requires quite a bit of work. Would you like to make a rolled roast yourself, but are you held back by the intensive preparation method? Then you can now order netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres) online at Natural Spices. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently. To make a rolled roast in this way, you also need a netting tube over which you pull the netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres). After buying this net online, you can quickly get to work and deliver the most beautiful rolled roasts in no time.

Of which material is netting roll 16 coarse (50 meters) made of?

Netting roll 16 coarse (50 meters) is made of two types of rubber that are widely used in the manufacture and packaging of food. The roll consists of both food grade rubber and textured polyester. Both types can withstand high temperatures and are proven to be food safe. The material is very strong and heat resistant. Netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres) does not affect the flavours and aromas of your roll, as the polyester from which it is made is both odourless and tasteless.

Netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres) and the tube size

Netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres) is a coarse mesh net, as the name suggests. Coarse mesh means that the twines of this net are relatively far apart from each other compared to fine-meshed nets. Number 16 means the caliber of the netting roal and belongs to a specific tube size. Netting roll 16 coarse (50 metres) belongs to a tube size of 125 millimetres. The diameter of your rolled roast will be about 12.5 centimetres. The diameter, however, is an indication of the diameter. Because the net is elastic, it also forms fairly easily to a larger tube size.

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