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Netting roll size 26 fine 50 metres

Netting roll size 26 fine 50 metres

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With netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) you put a masterful rolled roast on the table

The rolled roast is a classic meat dish that has been popular in our country for decades. You see the rolled roast appear on the table especially on public holidays. It is therefore associated with luxury, parties and being together. Would you like to surprise your guests with a homemade rolled roast and make it a little easy on yourself? Then Natural Spices has the solution for you. Netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) can be ordered online from us. It is the largest of all netting rolls you can buy from us. You buy netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) per one or ten rolls.

Netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) and the suitable rolled roast tube

Netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) is used in combination with a so-called rolled roast tube. Number 26 means the number of knotted threads, i.e. the caliber. The larger the caliber, the larger your rolled roast. Netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) gives you a rolled roast with a diameter of 22.5 centimetres. To work with this net you need a tube size of 225 millimetres. Does your own rolled roast tube have a slightly smaller or larger diameter? That is no problem either. The netting roll is made of elastic material, which will form itself around the rolled roast.

How do you prepare your rolled roast with netting roll 26 fine (50 metres)?

Working with netting roll 26 fine (50 metres) is very simple. It's as simple as that. All you have to do is to put the meat into the tube. Pull the net over the tube. In this way, the rolled roast simply ends up in the netting roll 26 fine (50 metres). The material from which the net is made is widely used in the manufacture and packaging of food. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is strong and heat resistant, does not give any off smell or taste to your food and can also be easily removed after cooking. In short, it has all the qualities a home cook could wish for.

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