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Artificial casings


Artificial casings are an important part of sausage production. Artificial casings have many advantages. They are easier to work with because - unlike natural casings - they have fixed dimensions. But not only that, they are also more resistant to bacteria and fungi and are a lot stronger than the natural varieties. The color of the sausage is also preserved a lot better. Artificial casings come in different colors, each of which matches a specific product. At Natural Spices you can order an extensive range online.



We therefore use artificial casings in the production of sausage. But what exactly are they and what are they made of? Most variants today are made from plastic or cellulose. An example of this are the collagen variants. Collagen is a protein obtained from the dermis of bovines. Artificial casings made from cellulose are also called "shell casings". You can already deduce why from the name, because this artificial sausage casing is easy to peel off. Cellulose is a natural substance that serves as a general building material for plants. Do you want to order this type online? Then you will find them on the website under the heading "fiber".