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Natural casings


Natural casings were used to make sausages several centuries ago. So they have been an important packaging product for a long time. It is therefore not without reason that they are still used very regularly today. The quality of a product is largely determined by the casing. Natural casings come from animals for slaughter and are therefore a natural product. In contrast to their artificial casings, they are therefore edible and even easily digestible. In addition, they ensure that the sausage gets an authentic and traditional look. Something that gives extra added value to foods. At Natural Spices you will find a wide range of natural casings that you can buy online easily and quickly.



Natural casings provide a more intense taste experience. During the preparation of a sausage, the smell and taste of natural casings get mixed with the product. At Natural Spices you can buy casings from beef, pork and sheep. Sheep casings are also called sheep strings. The most famous example of the use of sheep casings is the frankfurters. The skin around it is thinner than other natural casings. Because they are suitable for narrow sausage, sheep casings are also called frankfurters casings. To make it easier for you, you can choose to buy natural casings rolled up as well. They are then delivered on a kind of tube, making it easier to work with.



Besides the fact that you can buy different types of natural casings of various animals from us, there are even more options. The first concerns length. If you want to buy natural casings online, you will always find the length and caliber of the different types in the overview on our website. You can choose the length yourself, the caliber is always the same for a certain type of sausage. The caliber indicates the diameter of the sausage and stands for the diameter of a sausage in millimeters. All natural casings that you can order from Natural Spices are of course carefully cleaned and prepared. They should be kept cool and dark and have a maximum shelf life of six months.