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A cotton rope ensures that you can efficiently tie the roulades and sausages you make. Rope for roulade is also called roasting, butcher's or binding twine. However, the application possibilities do not stop with meat and sausage alone. It is also perfect for binding poultry, vegetables (such as asparagus) or a bunch of herbs. Handy if you are making a fresh soup, for example. At Natural Spices you can order various types of rope for roulade and sausage in different colors, thicknesses and lengths online.

Roulade ropes / sausage ropes


The different types of rope for roulade and sausage that you can buy online here are all made of one hundred percent cotton. Cotton has various properties that make it very pleasant to work with this material. This way it does not give off color. Cotton also does not give off odors and is resistant to high temperatures. These make the product completely food-safe. Because it is a one hundred percent natural product, this also means that the rope is environmentally friendly.



The rope for roulade and sausages is available in different colors. The variants that have two colors make it easier for you to find the rope in the food. The rope that is specifically intended for sausages is a bit more stringent. This is because of the smooth natural or artificial casings, which could cause the rope to release more quickly. It is also possible to buy fine yarn online from us. This makes it ideally suited for smaller pieces of meat such as blind finches and soft meat such as lamb. The rope is available in rolls of different lengths. If you decide to buy sausage or roulade rope from us, you will receive the products on a handy bobbin.