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Oil for slicing machine

Oil for slicing machine

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Oil for your slicing machine for trouble-free slicing

This oil for slicing machines is a high quality food grade oil that you use to lubricate your slicer. The liquid oil is used in many different industries, such as the dairy and canning industry, the packaging industry, bakeries, butchers' shops, etc. The liquid oil is used in a wide range of industries. You keep your slicer in optimal condition and completely food safe by using this oil. You can order slicing machine oil online from us in a 1 litre package.

What does food grade mean?

The slicer machine oil that you can buy online from us has the food grade quality certificate. The label applies to plastics and tools that (may) come into direct contact with food. In the event of incidental contact with food, the oil is not dangerous.

Slicing machine oil is completely food-safe

With the help of cutting machine oil you keep your cutting machine in optimal condition and also guarantee food safety. The oil ensures that the pneumatic systems and fine mechanisms of machines and machine parts remain in flawless condition. Besides being completely food safe, the oil is also odourless and tasteless. The oil lubricates efficiently in a very wide temperature range. It also leaves a water-repellent layer. Wear and tear is greatly reduced with its use. When used regularly, this high-performance lubricant has a long-lasting effect and guarantees trouble-free use.

Prices industry & wholesale

For industrial companies / wholesalers we have a special priced section, minimum order amount EUR 1.000.

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