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Party & Snack Box

Party & Snack Box

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A party with friends or family; we love it. On such an occasion, you want to put something delicious on the table. How about an avocado dip, for example? This creamy Mexican dip of avocado and the Holy Guacamole mix is ​​delicious with classics such as nachos, wraps and tacos. This avocado mix is ​​also divine on toasted (baguette) bread. You can make a hummus for wraps, vegetables and bread with the hummus mix “Hum-mus do you love me?” A matter of five minutes of work and it is healthy too. Or easily make bruschetta with the Mamma Mia Bruschetta mix. What makes this dip so nice is that there are many variations possible and it also looks very colorful. The Thessaloniki Tease mix brings you back to Greece with your thoughts for a while. With this mix you can make a nice creamy and fresh Greek tzatziki. A delicious dip for pita bread, toasted Turkish bread or with roasted meat. Last but not least, with the mix for herb butter “You are my butter half” you can always make your herb butter yourself because it is so easy to make, delicious and essential for every snack platter. Incidentally, you do not only have to use these dips for a party only, but you can also use them next to any standard dish. So you can enjoy these delicious, easy and healthy dips all year round!


The herbs and spices in these spice blends are organic. We buy our organic herbs and spices close to the source. Sustainably produced for people and the environment. Only in this way can we guarantee the best - for everyone from farm to fork. Furthermore, we do not use pesticides or other chemical agents. Add to this the attention of the grower - for plant and soil - on top. In this way we ensure that the herbs and spices can develop as naturally as possible. Even tastier. 


The spice blends are 100% pure. This means that no sugar and unnecessary ingredients have been added. The spice mixes contain only pure and natural herbs and spices. By using high-quality seasonings, additions are not necessary at all. Experience and taste it yourself.

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