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Pigs casing calibre 30/32 salted

Pigs casing calibre 30/32 salted

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Pig casing caliber 30/32 salted, the most commonly used casing by sausage makers

Pig casing caliber 30/32 salted is suitable to make various types of sausage. With this net you can make bratwurst, sausages, barbecue sausage, boerenmettworst (Dutch farmer's sausage), dry sausage and smoked sausage. It is considered to be the most common casing for making sausages. With this net you can also make cooked sausages and liver sausages with a small diameter. Pig casing caliber 30/32 salted you can easily order online at Natural Spices. You buy per hank (91,3 meter). They are packed in a net.

The advantages of pig casing caliber 30/32 salted

Pig casing caliber 30/32 salted is not only liked because of its many possibilities. Natural casings have been used for centuries to make sausages. Although today you can also choose all kinds of artificial casings, the use of natural casings has several advantages. This also applies to pig casings caliber 30/32 salted.
Natural casings are permeable, which does not mean that they are less firm. Permeable means that herbs and broths in which you prepare the sausages, can penetrate all the way to the core. This ensures an even more intense taste experience. Finally, the fat content of 30/32 salted pig casings is very low. It does not exceed 2%.

Use and storage of pig casing caliber 30/32 salted

After ordering pig casing caliber 30/32 salted online, it will be delivered to you in a bucket. The salt serves as a preservative. The pig casings must therefore be desalinated before you proceed to the process of stuffing. To desalinate them, rinse them in plenty of cold water for at least half an hour. You do this soaking not only to remove the salt, but also to soften the 30/32-caliber pig casing. You can use a funnel or tap hose for convenience and efficiency. Excess fat must be removed. Do you still have casing left after making your sausage? You can keep this without a problem. You rinse the pig casing in cold water, pat it dry and repack it (preferably in the original packaging) in plenty of salt. The maximum shelf life is ten months.

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