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Rolled roast cord brown

Rolled roast cord brown

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Rolled roast cord brown for professional tying up rolled roast meat

There are a lot of cords these days, but rolled roast cord brown is the one you need for tying up your rolled roasts. This is a well known technique, but not the most easy one. An important aspect of this is having the right cord. For example, it must not be flammable and must not give off fibres, smell or flavoursto the meat or other product you want to tie up. Rolled roast cord brown meets all these criteria perfectly. You can order it online from us per 1 or 10 spools. One spool weighs about 200 grams.

The advantage of rolled roast cord brown over skewers

Rolled roast cord brown is a sensible choice for those who want to make not only a beautiful, but also a tasty rolled roast meat. Many people still use skewers. Although at first glance this seems an easy alternative and much quicker than those seemingly clumsy tying up techniques, the use of skewers has quite a few drawbacks.The use of skewers does not make your meat compact enough. This entails a risk of dehydration and loss of flavour of the meat. Skewers also damage the rolled roast meat, especially if they are not attached in the right places. In this way the meat loses some of its tenderness and becomes less tasty. Would you like to assure yourself of a tasty, juicy rolled roast? Then don't forget to buy rolled roast cord brown online from us.

It is always handy to have rolled roast cord brown in your kitchen

It is always handy to have a stock of rolled roast cord brown in your kitchen cupboard. In addition to using the cord to tie up rolled roasts, you can also use it to tie up other types of meat, fish, vegetables and herbs. Herbs bound together to make a broth, are also called a bouquet garni. Apart from these purposes, rolled roast cord brown is also often used for decoration. Creative people know 1001 ways to use the cord.

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For industrial companies / wholesalers we have a special priced section, minimum order amount EUR 1.000.

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