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Satay skewers bamboo 18 cm

Satay skewers bamboo 18 cm

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Satay skewers 18 cm bamboo: a handy and responsible choice

Satay skewers 18 cm bamboo can be used to thread one of Holland's favourite meat dishes. Although your satay is spicy and tastes great, the picture is only complete when you thread it on a stick. These 18 cm bamboo skewers have an ideal length for a good portion of satay. In addition, bamboo has a number of properties that make this material eminently suitable for use in the kitchen. You can order the skewers online at Natural Spices in a package of 1000, 5000 or 25.000 pieces.

The advantages of 18 cm bamboo satay skewers

Satay skewers 18 cm bamboo offer you some advantages because of their material. Bamboo has fire-resistant properties. So it's not really a type of wood, but a type of grass. A fact not many people are aware of. By using bamboo you do not run the risk of burning skewers and it is not necessary to soak the skewers beforehand. This saves you some preparatory work.

Satay skewers 18 cm bamboo are environmentally friendly

Satay skewers 18 cm bamboo are a lot more environmentally friendly than the varieties made from wood. Wood requires tree felling and this is already happening far too much in the world. Natural Spices likes to think along with you, but also with nature. That is why you can buy various varieties of bamboo skewers online from us. Bamboo is growing a lot all over the world, and also at a very fast pace. The plant species is one of the fastest growing species in the world and is mainly found in tropical and subtropical areas. Most bamboo varieties grow up to 20 centimetres a day. Because the growth of the plant is so constant, felling it has no effect on the environment. And so satay skewers 18 cm bamboo are a very responsible choice.

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