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Satay skewers gun-shaped 9 cm

Satay skewers gun-shaped 9 cm

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Satay skewers 9 cm gunshaped for small portions of satay and more

Do you plan to serve satay on a birthday or party, but you do not want to serve too large portions? Then skewers 9 cm gunshaped are the solution for you. On this small stick you can thread a modest portion of this meat dish. A nice snack as part of a larger buffet. Satay sticks 9 cm gunshaped are made of bamboo. An ideal material to use on the barbecue, because it is not very flammable. The stress of burned skewers is therefore immediately a thing of the past. You can order these mini skewers online from us per package of 250 pieces.

Gunshaped 9 cm satay skewers: user-friendly and good for the environment

Do you want to enjoy them, but do you also wish to consider the effects of your behaviour on the climate and the environment? Then you can buy these 9 cm gunshaped skewers online with peace of mind. In contrast to most other varieties, these skewers are not made of wood, but of a grass type. They are made of bamboo. Bamboo grows very fast and therefore there are enormous quantities of this plant species on no less than five different continents. Because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, cutting them is not harmful to the environment. It will grow again in no time. By ordering these small 9 cm gunshaped skewers, you are also making your modest contribution to reducing tree felling.

Skewers 9 cm for all kinds of snacks

Because of their small size, the 9 cm gunshaped skewers are also fun to use in an amuse-bouche. This can be a small portion of satay with sauce in a glass, but you can use it in many other ways. You could also put these skewers through the famous trio of tomato, mozzarella and basil. Or how about shrimp skewers? Let your imagination run free with these small wooden skewers. One thing is certain: with skewers 9 cm gunshaped you will prepare the perfect appetizer.

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