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Fish herbs take your fish dish to an even higher level by giving it a surprising twist. You use them for salmon, cod and pangasius to name just a few examples. But actually fish herbs can be applied to any fish species. They are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to the use of fresh herbs, and just as tasty! Fish seasoning usually consists of part salt and part aromatic seasonings. These can differ per species. For example, in the Dutch kitchen a lot of use is made of dill, but parsley and oregano are also timeless favorites.

Spice mixes for fish


You can use fish spices before or after baking as desired. However, most chefs will choose to season before letting the fish disappear into the oil. If necessary, you can put the fish briefly through the flour after seasoning, so that it gets a nice crispy coating during frying. It is best to choose olive oil or peanut oil. If you choose to stew your piece of fish, you can of course also use fish herbs. Steaming is a technique that best preserves the natural flavor of the fish. You then sprinkle the fish with some herbs and possibly place it on a bed of vegetables. This allows the flavor to absorb well.



You can also put almost any type of fish on the barbecue. Certainly the somewhat firmer types are ideally suited for this. Even then you use the most delicious fish herbs. Moreover, at Natural Spices you will also find the BBQ Fire herbs. You can not only use these as fish seasoning, but you can also sprinkle them over the charcoal of the barbecue. In this way, the taste and smell optimally penetrate the pieces of fish, but it can also be used for meat.



Although fish herbs almost always partly consist of salt, it is also possible to buy variants without salt at Natural Spices. Great for when you consciously handle your salt consumption. Cooking without salt is becoming increasingly popular and these meals have now been proven to be far from bland and tasteless. Herbs on their own are perfectly capable of adding sufficient flavor to your dish. At Natural Spices you can order different types of fish spices online.