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Foreign spice mixes have conquered the Dutch market. Not surprising when you consider how many international restaurants have opened their doors in our country over the years. And not only that, their recipes have also spread to our own kitchens. The baked potatoes and boiled vegetables have partly made way for well-known international meals. If you want to make these the way they really should taste, you can order the best foreign spice mixes online here.

Foreign spice mixes


It started two centuries ago with French and Indian influences. Cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon were given a not unimportant place in the kitchen. Nowadays we even combine them with our own traditional Dutch vegetables. In the last century international food and foreign spices become even more important. At Natural Spices you will find a variety of these foreign mixes: American, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Turkish and even Caribbean. You can order them all in different pack sizes. So whether you want to try a foreign dish or need a large stock, you can buy it all here.


Are you aware of your diet? Then you may also look at the composition of the foreign spice mixes. Natural Spices responds to this need by making it possible for you to order these "conscious" variants. This way you can filter the mixtures by E numbers, salt and even gluten. Responsible cooking and eating starts with the products of Natural Spices.