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Shashlik iron skewers 25 cm

Shashlik iron skewers 25 cm

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Ideaal for the barbecue: shashlik iron skewers 25 cm iron

Shashlik iron skewers 25 cm are specially designed to roast a large portion of shaslick. The skewers are difficult to obtain in most common shops. However, they are a nice alternative to the wooden skewers, which always need a water treatment before they can be used. Shaslick is a meat dish now known worldwide, but it has its origins in Caucasian cuisine. It is still immensely popular in Russia and the other Balkans, as well as in Turkey and Morocco. Shashlik iron skewers 25 cm are made of galvanised metal. You can order them online from us in a package of 100 pieces.

What are shashlik iron skewers 25 cm?

Shashlik iron skewers 25 cm are made of galvanised metal. This has two advantages. The shashlik iron skewers are not only rust and heat resistant, they also have a nice appearance. Galvanising means that something is covered with a layer of metal.

The use of shaslick iron skewers 25 cm

Shaslick iron skewers 25 cm may be named after the well-known meat dish, but that does not mean that they are only intended for this purpose. In general, the skewers are ideal for the barbecue. Whether you use them to roast satay, souvlaki or meatballs. You can also use the shaslick pens in the grill. The only thing you should always bear in mind is that the pieces of meat you thread on them are always about the same size. This ensures that they all cook at the same time.

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