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Shashlik iron skewers 32 cm

Shashlik iron skewers 32 cm

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Shaslick iron skewers 32 cm for a large portion of shaslick on the barbecue

Are you getting ready for a big barbecue? Then don't forget to order these shaslick iron skewers 32 cm online at Natural Spices. You use them for such a big portion of shaslick that none of your BBQ guest will complain. Iron skewers of such lengths are hard to find in regular shops. Here you can buy them quickly and easily. An additional advantage of the shaslick iron skewers 32 cm is that, in contrast to the wooden versions, they do not need to absorb water first. The skewers are made of galvanised metal and are both heat and rust resistant. You can buy them online from us per 100 or 1000 pieces. Enough to make quite a few shaslicks!

Where does the shaslicks come from?

Meat on sticks is found all over the world. The shaslick originates from the Caucasian kitchen. By this we mean Russia and the Balkans. On the shaslick iron skewers 32 cm you thread marinated meat, paprika, bacon and onion according to an authentic recipe. Organ meat was also used a long time ago. Fortunately for many people, this use has largely disappeared and does not occur in Holland anymore. The meat you use is entirely up to you. Although most people choose chicken or pork meat, you can also thread other types such as beef or lamb on the shaslick iron skewers 32 cm.

What else can you do with shaslick iron skewers 32 cm?

Shaslick iron skewers 32 cm are not only ideal for the barbecue. You can also cook the shaslick in the grill or on the cooker. In addition to the traditional shaslick, you can use the shaslick iron skewers 32 cm for even more meat dishes. For example, you can use them to make satay, golf sticks (meatballs on a satay stick) or souvlaki. Or you probably have ideas of your own.

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