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Shawarma spices chicken

Shawarma spices chicken

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Prepare the tastiest shawarma with shawarma spices chicken

Chicken shawarma spices is the perfect blend to season chicken meat for this oriental delicacy. In the Netherlands we know shawarma mainly as fast food. It is one of the top favourites in this category. You can match the flavours of this age-old dish yourself by ordering shawarma spices for chicken online at Natural Spices. You can buy the carefully composed spice mix in a pack of 1.5 kilo or 20 kilo.

About the origin of shawarma

Shawarma is often confused with doner kebab. Not so strange, because the two dishes are almost identical. Doner kebab has become known in Palestinian cuisine as shawarma. Actually the two are the same. Both words mean 'spinning', referring to the way the meat is cooked on a spit. The biggest difference lies in the way it is served. Jewish immigrants introduced shawarma in Europe. While lamb was initially used, chicken, turkey and beef were soon accepted as common types of meat on a shawarma sandwich. In the Netherlands, incidentally, a lot of pork is also used for this purpose.

Which spices are included in shawarma herbs for chicken

shawarma spices for chicken consist of exactly those herbs and spices that are characteristic of the tastes of the East. The mix consists of curry, paprika, cumin, turmeric, garlic, coriander and nutmeg. Together they make a pleasantly aromatic and slightly spicy whole. Salt has also been added to the chicken shawarma spices, so you don't have to think about it yourself. Chicken shawarma spices have a beautiful earthy hue thanks to the natural colouring of peppers, curry and turmeric.

Why do you use shawarma spices for chicken

Although the answer seems clear, you can also use this ready-to-use seasoning mix to season meat other than just chicken or chicken fillet that ends up on a pita sandwich. The spice mix has become so well-established in our country that we have given it our very own twist. For example, you can also add shawarma herbs for chicken to the stew or sauerkraut. In this way you give a typical Dutch dish a unique and spicy character. Tasty and simplicity go hand in hand.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy701,51 kJ
Energy167,52 kcal
Fat7,8 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,3 gram
Carbohydrates25,5 gram
of which sugars3 gram
Protein6,5 gram
Fibre10,4 gram
Salt33,2 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientssalt, curry (MUSTARD), paprika, cumin, turmeric, garlic, coriander, nutmeg
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

Prices industry & wholesale

For industrial companies / wholesalers we have a special priced section, minimum order amount EUR 1.000.

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