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Sheep casing calibre 22/24 tubed

Sheep casing calibre 22/24 tubed

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Gosammer-thin, sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed for the crispiest sausages

Gosammer-thin, sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed is the natural casing par excellence for making your own sausages. Knockwursts are usually made from pork, although nowadays you often find them made of beef or chicken as well. The choice is entirely up to you. However, one thing is certain: with this casing you will get that delicious crispy skin that is incomparable to anything else. Even if you have no experience whatsoever in making sausages, you will achieve the desired result with sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed.

Can you also make other sausages from sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed?

Sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed is the first choice when it comes to making your own crispy sausages. The natural casing, in contrast to the artificial one, can provide that characteristic crispy skin when you put your teeth into the sausage. Nevertheless, the Gosammer-thin is not only meant for the knockwurst. You can also make Merguez, Cabanossi and Chipolata sausages from it. These are sausages that you often see on the barbecue. Not only are they deliciously spicy, for many they also mean manageable portions of meat to eat. Various people prefer them to hamburgers and spare ribs.

Quickly getting started with sheep casing caliber 22/24 tubed

In addition to the many advantages of working with natural casings, Gosammer-thin has an other advantage. Tubed means that it has been threaded onto a tube or plastic strip. In this way the casing does not get tangled up and you can easily and quickly start the process of plugging the sausage. With casing caliber 22/24 you create a sausage with diameter of 2.2 to 2.4 centimetres. Of course, it is possible that you do not use everything at once. To store this casing as long as possible, keep it sealed in their original packaging in the refrigerator.

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