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Smoked sausage recipe

Smoked sausage recipe

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Smoked sausage recipe

Recipe for a traditional smoked Gelderland sausage, which is flavoured with the best seasoning, put in a natural casing traditionally smoked on beech wood.

Preparation time: about 25 minutes
Drying time: 12 hours
Smoking time: about 3 hours
Total weight: 1 kilogram, about 4 smoked sausages
Ingredients smoked Gelderland sausage

  1. 450 grams lean pork meat (well sorted and without thick tendons)

  2. 550 grams chewy sowbelly and/or possibly back fat

  3. 60 grams native wheat starch (optional for a more firm smoked sausage)

  4. 80 grams water (icewater)

  5. 16 grams nitrite salt

  6. 11 grams Gelderland smoked sausage mix

  7. 10 grams hydrolysed vegetable protein liquid

  8. pig casing calibre 32/35 of calibre 35/38

  9. Optional add 1 gram smoked flavour liquid in case you do not have a smoking oven. But for the true artisan smoked sausage, you will need a smoking oven.


  1. Preferably use frozen meat, because grinding the meat gives friction and makes it hot.

  2. Grind the lean pork two times with a meat grinder with a 3mm plate.

  3. Mix the minced meat with water, nitrite salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein liquid and Gelderland smoked sausage mix untill you reach an optimal binding. Optional you can also add native wheat starch. The dough (farce) must be mixed so well that it sticks to your hands.

  4. In case you do not have a smoking oven, then you now can add the smoked flavour liquid.

  5. The sowbelly should be well cooled and has to be cut into pieces of about 10 cm. These pieces are then ground once in a meat grinder with the 3-mm plate.

  6. Now you can mix the lean farce with ground sowbelly into a homogeneous mass. If you want an extra fine sausage, then you can completely grind everything with the meat grinder with the 3mm plate.

  7. Rinse the pig casings under cold running water inside and outside. Then leave the pig casings for about 30 minutes in clean water, making the pig casings become soft and to process them better.

  8. Fill the pig casings airtight with a sausage stopper or a sausage machine (about 250 grams per smoked sausage). Shape the smoke sausages from it by cutting the pig casing to approximately 40cm and by tying both ends airtight with a sausage cord.

  9. Let the sausage now dry by hanging them for about 12 hours on a stick in a dry area. The smoked sausages should be stiff dry.

  10. Smoke the sausages in a smoking oven with beech wood for about 3 hours with a warm smoke (about 30-35°C). If the smoke is too hot acidification may occurs rapidly that can ruin the sausage. The sausage is ready when it has a dark smoked colour.

  11. If you are not in possession of a smoking oven, you can create a solution of smoked flavour liquid and water (ratio 1:3) and dip the smoked sausage in it for 3 to 4 minutes. Thereafter, hang the smoked sausages in a dry, non-refrigerated space in order to dry the sausage for a better colour.

  12. In the end, the smoked sausages must be cooked at 78°C for about 30 minutes.

Tip: If you are going to sell the smoked sausages, you can vacuum pack them in vacuum bags 15cm x 25cm for a longer shelf life.

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