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Sodium metabisulphate E223

Sodium metabisulphate E223

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Sodium metabisulphate as a preservative and antioxidant

Sodium metabisulphate is a compound of sodium, sulphur and oxygen. It is an inorganic substance, which means that it mainly occurs in non-living nature. It is the synthetic version of sulphite, a preservative found naturally in the plants of the garlic family. Sodium metabisulphate is used as a preservative and antioxidant and is also known as E-223. In most cases, it is used as a preservative for dried foods. Examples include sultanas and dried apples, as well as crisps. It also counteracts discolouration.

Crystalline powder

In most cases sodium metabisulphate is sold as a white or yellow coloured crystalline powder. The sodium metabisulphate that you can buy online at Natural Spices is white in colour. You can buy it in packs of 2.5 or 25 kilos. Ordering this adjuvant makes it possible for you to keep the foods you produce for longer. The preservative works antimicrobially and thus inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. Although sodium metabisulphate is a controversial substance, it has been declared fit for consumption by the European Commission. The ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) is 0.7 milligrams per kilo body weight.

Important to know

Sodium metabisulphate is a very useful substance to use for prolonging shelf life. However, it needs to be handled very carefully. For example, you must ensure that the adjuvant does not come into contact with your skin. This can lead to a reaction. Inhalation irritates the respiratory tract. You must also protect your eyes when working with this product. Swallowing sodium metabisulphate directly causes serious stomach and intestinal complaints. So be careful during the procedure and make sure you do not exceed the maximum use limit under any circumstances. Sodium metabisulphate should be stored in a dry, cool and well sealed room. When exposed to air, it loses its preservative properties.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy0 kJ
Energy0 kcal
Fat0 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0 gram
Carbohydrates0 gram
of which sugars0 gram
Protein0 gram
Fibre0 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientspreservative: E223 (SULPHITE)
  • Country of originFrance

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