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Vacuum bags 200x500 80 MY

Vacuum bags 200x500 80 MY

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The vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY: your strong partner in food storage techniques

The vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY made from coextruded tubular film is your tool in the kitchen for storing food properly and safely. You can buy your stock online from us. Tubular film looks like simple plastic, but offers optimal protection for the products you pack in it. It is so strong that even sharper corners or edges cannot damage the material. Tubular film is therefore essential for a really good and food-safe way of packaging. You can order the vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY online from us per quantity of 100 or 1,000 pieces.

The vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY gives you extra space

This strong plastic vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY not only offers an advantage in terms of sturdiness compared to the classic plastic storage containers. It also has a great advantage in terms of space. Using the 200X500 80 MY vacuum bag means there is no empty storage space. So you can store a lot more food in your fridge and freezer when you use these sturdy bags. The bag measures 20 centimetres by 50 centimetres. Keep in mind that these are the outer dimensions and that you will lose a little space because of the seams. When opening the bag, you should keep a few centimetres 'empty'. This will ensure that the vacuum bag 200X500 80 MY closes without any problems.

Resistant to the most diverse temperatures

The 200X500 80 MY vacuum bag is so strong that it can also pack harder and pointier products without any problems. In addition, the bag withstands a wide range of temperatures. For example, the 200X500 80 MY vacuum bag can be used in both the refrigerator and the freezer. And not only that. Do you want to warm up your food after the storage process? Then that is also possible while keeping the food in the bag. Using the sous-vide technique you can bring everything up to the desired temperature.

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