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Vacuum bags 200x600 80 MY

Vacuum bags 200x600 80 MY

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Vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY for airtight and odour-free packaging

This 200X600 80 MY vacuum bag is now your regular partner when it comes to airtight and odour-free food packaging. The bag has a medium to large size and is capable of packaging various types of products. The bacteria-free interior of the 200X600 80 MY vacuum bag gives you an extra guarantee that your food will still be in perfect condition even after cooling or freezing. Buying this bag is the new step in food storage. You can order it online per 100 or 500 pieces.

The operation of the vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY

The use of the vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY has several advantages for you as a professional or chef. Of course, the bag is primarily intended to extend the shelf life of your products considerably. The 200X600 80 MY The vacuum bag seals your products airtight. This prevents oxygen from adversely affecting your food. What's more, the inside of the bag is bacteria-free, which further strengthens this protection against micro-organisms.

Heating products and meals in the vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY

Although the vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY is primarily intended for the safe and effective storage of your products, this does not mean that there are no more advantages. Would you like to heat up your product or perhaps even a complete meal after cooling or freezing? Then it only takes one simple operation. You place the vacuum bag 200X600 80 MY in warm water that you keep at a constant temperature. This originally French technique is also known as sous-vide. Apart from a pan, it does not require any other aid. Let us get to the table quickly!

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