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White wheat flour

White wheat flour

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White wheat flour for airy baking results

White wheat flour is the ideal for the dough to rise well. This is why it is often used as a basis for bread, biscuits and cakes. But it is also very suitable to make pancakes and pasta. Or for making a pizza with the same crispy, airy base as you find in Italy. White wheat flour is white in colour and very fine in structure. Although you can also replace it with ordinary wheat flour in a recipe, white wheat flour always produces a better and lighter baking result. At Natural Spices you can order it online in pack sizes of 5 and 25 kilos. After buying, keep the product cool and dry.

White wheat flour, wheat flour and self-rising baking flour: the differences

White wheat flour contains more gluten than regular wheat flour. This is because it contains more gluten-forming proteins. And it is precisely these gluten that ensure the airy baking result. Except for that difference, the two types are the same. And what about self-rising baking flour? Although the name suggests otherwise, this is also just a type of flour. However, this flour contains extra baking powder to create the same light result as white wheat flour.

How is white wheat flour made?

White wheat flour is made from ground wheat grains just like ordinary wheat flour. When these wheat grains are milled, you get flour. Unlike ordinary flour, wheat flour has a grey or light brown colour. This is caused by the bran it contains. In order to obtain ordinary flour, the white wheat flour is sieved. This leaves only the finest particles of wheat grains. To obtain white wheat flour, only the inside of the wheat grain is used. This requires a precise process that cannot take place in a mill. At Natural Spices you can easily and quickly order this type of flour online for the best baking results. Within no time the product will be delivered and you can start working in your kitchen.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energy1415,41 kJ
Energy338 kcal
Fat1,2 gram
of which saturated fatty acids0,2 gram
Carbohydrates70,7 gram
of which sugars1,3 gram
Protein11,1 gram
Fibre2 gram
Salt0 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientswheat flour (GLUTEN)
  • Country of originThe Netherlands

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