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Zeelandic bacon recipe

Zeelandic bacon recipe

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Zeelandic bacon recipe

Zeelandic bacon (Zeeuws spek) is a traditional Dutch bacon, originally a specialty from the province of Zeeland. Modern Zeelandic bacon is marinated, and then grilled, broiled, or smoked. Modern Zeelandic bacon has a distinctive flavor that is usually characterized as barbecue flavor.
Ingredients Zeelandic bacon

  1. 1000 grams Deboned belly (fat) without rind (Rind is the hard outer layer adhering to the fat of a pig)

  2. 20 gram marinade spice mix

  3. 50 gram ketjap manis sauce

  4. 5 gram (nitrite) salt*

* When using nitrite salt instead of cooking salt, improves the shelf life of ‘’Zeeuws Spek’’.


  1. Mix the marinade spice mix, ketjap manis sauce and salt together into a marinade and rubbing firmly both sides of the meat with it.

  2. Leave the bacon for about 40 hours in the fridge with this mixture. Tip: You vacuum the marinated meat or can wrap it well in plastic foil so that the marinade will gets even better in the meat.

  3. Then broil the Zeelandic bacon at a teperature of 125°C until the core temperature is 68°C. You can also first vacuum the Zeelandic bacon and cook it at about 70°C and then broil it in the oven. The main advantage of this is that you have a shorter broil time.

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