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5 tips to turn a simple dish into a culinary masterpiece

2020-11-04 13:49:36


Unfortunately, we cannot eat out due to the corona crisis. Luckily you can create a delicious culinary masterpiece yourself. In this blog, we give you 5 tips that will turn a simple dish into something unforgettable.


Complete your dishes with herbs and spices

Did you know that you don't even need so many ingredients for a culinary masterpiece? The secret? Herbs and spices. Believe us, they will really make a difference. They give a delicious taste to your dish, but also provide a beautiful color, delicious aroma and texture. Consider, for example, curcuma (turmeric) that gives a dish with rice a real boost of color, the scent of garam masala or Hurry Curry when making a curry, or rosemary over a piece of meat or fish for a delicious texture.

Good preparation is key

We understand that you want to enjoy a delicious meal as soon as possible. Still, patience is a virtue and time can really enhance the flavor of a dish. Consider, for example, marinating meat. For example, you can use Rosemary's Chicken for marinating chicken, Porky's Rub for pork and Beef BBQ Chief for beef. A few hours in advance, coat the meat with a little olive oil and the rub and let it soak in before preparing it.

Add a dip, sauce or dressing

A dip, sauce or dressing ensure that you make a whole dish. The ingredients bind together better and gain consistency. Or they give your dish a surprising twist. How about a delicious guacamole in a sushi bowl or a dressing with Sirtaki Mix in a salad?


With your cooking skills you imagine yourself in the life of Picasso. By being creative with herbs and spices, they provide contrasting colors in garnish and dishes, making it even more attractive. Consider, for example, potatoes with paprika powder or Pablo's Potato, or vegetables with Habibi Veggie.

Experience with (a different) taste

With herbs, spices and sauces you can give different flavors (sweet, sour, bitter, salt and umami) to your dish. For example, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon give a sweet taste to a dish, for example chili powder and cayenne pepper give a spicy twist and lemongrass gives a sour taste again. You can base your dish on one flavor, but it is also nice to use a combination of them. This gives a real surprise effect.

With our unique spice (mixes), spices, sauces and dressings, everyone (yes! You too) can get started at home. We are very curious what kind of culinary masterpiece you will be putting on the table soon. Share your creation with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.