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Why some love coriander and others don't

2020-12-04 08:48:56

Coriander (also known as 'ketoembar'): you either love it or you don't like it. Coriander lovers describe coriander as an herb with a fresh, lemony and slightly nutty flavor. Still, a small part has an aversion to coriander. But why is that actually? In this blog we tell you more about it.


The reason you like or dislike cilantro may be hereditary

Whether you like coriander or not; you probably can't do much about it. Research has shown that this is probably hereditary. How that is? Coriander contains aldehydes (a chemical compound) that are also found in soap. Whether you pick up these (soapy) aldehydes probably depends on the OR6A2 gene that causes a strong reaction to soapy aldehydes. That ensures that you find it smells and / or tastes like soap.

"Habituation, taste memory and association also play a role"

Factors such as habituation, taste memory and association (possibly) also play a role in the love or hate relationship with coriander. If you often eat or smell coriander, you will become familiar with it and there is a higher chance that you will like it. The environment also plays a role in this. If everyone likes it in your environment, you may take this over sooner. This can especially be seen in children who see their parents as role models. Memories (taste memory) and association also cause you to develop a love or hate relationship with coriander. For example, have you eaten a delicious dish with coriander in a fantastic setting? Higher chance that you will like it. Once you have become ill from a dish that contains coriander, the chance is smaller again.

The question is not yet fully solved, but we are getting closer to the cause little by little. Until then: try out the variety of dishes you can make with coriander. Consider, for example, chicken tikka masala or curries, sauces and salsas. And are you not getting rid of the hate relationship with coriander? Don't worry, parsley ensures that you provide your dishes with a delicious twist!