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Fine sea salt

Fine sea salt

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Fine sea salt: ecologically won and balanced in taste

Fine sea salt gives you the subtle taste of sea salt and is an inconspicuous part of your dishes or snacks. Because of the fine salt granules, the salt mixes better with the other ingredients or the end product. The result? Optimal taste without visible presence. Fine sea salt is frequently used as an alternative to cooking salt. Although it is not necessarily healthier, as is often thought, extracting this salt has considerably less impact on nature. And that too counts. Sea salt with fine structure can be ordered online from us in 1 or 25 kilo packaging.

The difference in flavour between sea salt fine and 'normal' salt

Fine sea salt has a different origin and therefore a different flavour than 'normal' cooking salt. It is a pure substance that has not undergone any chemical purification, as is the case with kitchen salt. Fine sea salt has a more nuanced flavour thanks to the fact that the salt extracted from the sea consists of several salts. Like table salt, sea salt consists mainly of sodium chloride. Despite the differences in taste, sea salt is not necessarily healthier than kitchen salt.

How is fine sea salt extracted?

Fine sea salt is the result of ecologically responsible extraction. In order to obtain this type of salt, pits are dug into which the sea salt flows. The water in these pits evaporates under the sun, increasing the concentration of salt. Salt is extracted in the final phase. Seawater is an inexhaustible source and that is why many people choose to buy sea salt online. Not only because of its refined taste, but also because the extraction has no impact on the environment and chemical purification is not necessary.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

Energie0 kJ
Energie0 kcal
Vetten0 gram
waarvan verzadigde vetzuren0 gram
Koolhydraten0 gram
waarvan suikers0 gram
Eiwitten0 gram
Vezels0 gram
Zout100 gram
  • UsageDepending on application.
  • Ingredientszout
  • Country of originBelgië

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